Great mentor that helps you understand and learn the music making process. Great services as well with reasonable prices

Jake Sears

Very professional. Excellent quality.

Josiah Castro

Great service cool guy and awesome to work with.


Greatest producer/music engineer you'll ever meet. He works efficiently and well with clients both economically and cooperatively in order to help you create your greatest tracks including all genres of music especially rap and country. CB soundz has top notch equipment and produces great high quality professional sounding music and I promise you this individual won't let you down with your work or hard earned buck.

John Striegel

I passed thru Amarillo a couple weeks back, and needed a place to record some song ideas for my label, we ended up recording a full ep before I left. The atmosphere was perfect for creativity, the guys at the studio were able to make all my ideas come to life. I didn't expect such amazing results from such a small establishment, but they really know their stuff and what they are doing. When I head back thru Texas I'll definitely stop here again. I highly recommend using them for your music needs, my label loved their quality. I loved the service.

Brandi Heller

Not what I expected, I don't know what I expected, but not a feller like Chris..... He listens to what ya wanna do, and gives input on what might be good for your music and what ya could do to move forward. Chris is knowledgeable, educated, and seems driven for you to succeed and seems as willing as you are to work as hard as you do to succeed. I look forward to working with this young man and hopefully becoming a successful artist that could make us both some $$$...

Scott Winburn

Chris the producer beats be fire! He took instrumentals I downloaded from YouTube and reproduced them with his signature spin on it. And he didn't charge me a arm and a leg for exclusive rights. Best there is out here! Recommend CB Soundz to every serious artist out here. They'll get you right.

Johnny Crain

Totally Professional Studio and Engineers! They are so knowledgeable of the music industry, I learned what and how to Publish my records that I recorded at the studio! They are so cool they helped us with all aspects of our first EP release from song writing and structure to recording and production. They even found a graphic artist and video production crew to help us with our vision. Everything that we wanted to do they helped us achieve.

Mike Johnson