Take Advantage of Our Rehearsal Studio Rental in Amarillo, TX

Prep for Your Live Performances the Right Way

If you want to go on tour, your performance has to be consistently top-notch. Make sure your voice is up to par with CB Soundz Productions. We have a recording studio for rehearsals in Amarillo, TX. The rehearsal studio rental rate is $125 per week for eight hours. If you'd like more time, you'll need to set up an additional appointment.

What are the benefits of a rehearsal space?

As much as you'd love to save money and rehearse in your garage, it's not feasible. Our first-rate rehearsal studio rental will:

  • Provide better sound quality
  • Minimize potential distractions
  • Offer you a variety of different equipment
  • Allow you to have your own dedicated space
  • Prevent loud noises from disrupting your rehearsal
See what your rehearsal has been missing out on all this time.

Call us today to book our recording studio for rehearsals.